Roamsys is a leading provider of web-based software solutions for the telecommunications industry. Our profound industry knowledge combined with excellent software development skills enable us to deliver sophisticated yet easy-to-use applications to customers around the world.

Founded in 2007 and based in Luxembourg, we aim to provide solutions and services that help to simplify roaming processes on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on agile software development, outstanding quality and great customer service. In 2014 we were awarded ‘RMS supplier of the year’ and we are committed to continually develop and further improve our products and services to simplify roaming management.

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Roamsys is an Associate Member of the GSMA and we actively contribute to their standardization efforts. For example, we built the customized RAEX IOT, Op Data and IR.21 applications which are being used by hundreds of operators every day. Roamsys also engages in GSMA work groups meetings and regularly participates in other industry events. To find out more about our latest projects and achievements please visit our news page.



New application design

We introduce a new and consistent look & feel to all existing applications. And with the launch of Networks, the RMS product suite is expanding.

Industry recognition

Roamsys is one of only two vendors rating Tier 1 in an industry survey. A statement said 'There is not RMS tools which is more complete than Roamsys RMS'.


Award winning RMS

Our RMS is voted "Operational support tool of the year 2014" in an independent survey by Roaming Consultancy ROCCO.

Multiple product launches

We launch the innovative IREG Toolbox, an industry-first IR.21 management tool. In the same year, SIM Cards and Documents become available and expand our list of RMS applications.

BARG #83 Event

The GSMA trusts Roamsys to host the established bi-annual conference. The 4-day event sees more than 500 delegates from around the world come to Luxembourg.


IOT/OpData application for GSMA

We launch the IOT/OpData application for the GSMA InfoCentre, making us the exclusive RAEX supplier to the GSMA.