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The most advanced platform to simplify roaming partner management. Learn more about our roaming collaboration tools and take a closer look at the other Xceed applications.

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Roamsys provides innovative web-based software solutions for the telecommunications industry.
Our sophisticated tools help roaming teams worldwide to automate manual processes, increase revenues and simplify roaming.

Upcoming events

  • 22/23 October 2019
    BCE #11 | GSMA Head Office, London, UK

  • 28 October – 31 October 2019
    WAS #10 | Valencia, Spain

2Aug, 2019

August update – Toolbox Dashboards, TCC creation & new reports

The last weeks were very hot in Luxembourg, but thanks to a well working air condition our heads stayed cool and we were able to [...]

30Jul, 2019

Farewell, Internet Explorer! – Roamsys ends support at the end of the year

After all these years, it’s time. Time to let go. As you may know, usage of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) has remarkably decreased over time [...]

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