Updates for IREG Toolbox Pro and SIM Cards

Every six weeks, we are making our customers happy by releasing extensive updates for our applications. We always listen carefully to what our customers need and mix their insights with the spirit of innovation that has been a driving force for us since we were founded ten years ago. This month, we focused on important aspects of IREG Toolbox Pro and overall improvements of the SIM Cards application. 

IREG Toolbox Pro is an application that seeks for end-to-end automation of the network updating process in order to increase roaming revenue, eradicate backlogs and enhance data quality and thereby customer satisfaction of mobile network operators. In this development period, we focused on making the regular workflow of IREG Toolbox Pro even more comfortable and more efficient than ever. Every step of this workflow can now be assigned to specific users or teams in order to assure updates are done in time and by the right person. 

Additionally, to help our clients to better integrate with third-party-systems for billing or monitoring purposes, we now fully support IP addresses in normalized notation in addition to dot-decimal (including CIDR), regular and padded notation. Easily export data from IREG Toolbox Pro in exactly the format you need. 

Last but not least, we have added a variety of new functionalities to our SIM Cards application. Ever accidentally written an “O” instead of a Zero (“0”)? You are not alone with that. It’s an annoying yet pretty frequent error. From now on, SIM Cards detects “O’s” in sections that only allow numbers and automatically replaces them. The same goes for special characters in sections that are to be filled with letters and/or numbers. In order to further improve your workflow with the application, we have added a “label” function to group SIM cards by certain criteria. In addition, we have further enhanced bulk edit functionality which allows users to perform actions on multiple cards at once.  

If you want to learn more about our applications or leave us feedback, we would love to hear from you. 


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