IREG Toolbox Pro: It’s time for spring cleaning! – Enjoy new audit features

Finally, spring has arrived here in Luxembourg. While the sun is shining and temperatures are rising, it becomes time for the annual spring cleaning. And as if we planned it, our latest IREG Toolbox Pro release provides you with exactly the tools you need to do your network node configurations clean-up! 


We did a complete makeover of the audit function of IREG Toolbox Pro to make it even more user friendly. In order to avoid roaming revenue leakages and keep your network stable and secure, running regular audits is one of your most powerful options. Doing that is now simpler than ever. We have redesigned the creation process for new audits and improved the general audit overview as well as the audit status charts. To do your spring cleaning right, you need the right cleaning supplies. So we added 20 predefined audit templates for all our customers to use for their network auditing. 


Another feature of our current release leads to much more flexibility for IREG Toolbox Pro users. If you want to run an audit, you need to upload your current network node configurations to compare them with the data in your database. From now on, you can not only upload the information in CSV format, but vendor-specific dump files are supported, too. 


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