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Have you been looking forward to this day, too? Finally, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation takes effect and frees you from many unwanted newsletters and spam mails that used to flood your inbox. We all know them: Annoying online shops you once bought a pair of shoes from were bothering you with their daily offers and so called “news”. Or think of all those companies you are making business with. Some of them simply think it’s awesome to inform you about basically every change that is happening inhouse, such as switching coffee brand or the new haircut of their head of marketing. Well, to be honest: Thank god this is over now!


Based on our own experience we want our newsletter to be different. INSIDE ROAMSYS contains only news and events we think our subscribers actually care about. We will not bother you on a daily or even weekly basis or with aggressive sales offers. So far, there were only two editions of INSIDE ROAMSYS in 2018. Most likely there will be two more – in case there’s something important to keep you informed about! In addition to the high news value, we also try to make our newsletter fun to read. Unfortunately, due to GDPR, we were forced to delete all our EU recipients that did not actively re-subscribe. So even if you once were a happy part of the team, you may have lost that status due to inactivity. We’d love to stay connected to you.


If you have never received INSIDE ROAMSYS so far: Well, do it!


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