August update – Toolbox Dashboards, TCC creation & new reports

The last weeks were very hot in Luxembourg, but thanks to a well working air condition our heads stayed cool and we were able to update our product suite with some interesting new or advanced features that had been requested by a lot of our customers for quite a while.

First of all we received very positive feedback for the Dashboards we added in Networks and Rollouts. This motivated us to bring this also to our bestseller, the IREG Toolbox. You can choose between different layouts, add multiple gadgets and customise them as you (or your management) needs them.



From now on you can also create predefined or customised TCC documents directly within the Rollouts module. Just add your signature and you are ready to go. We also improved the Rollouts Dashboard, which is now better connected with the overview page.

In Networks we completely revamped the Country Coverage report. Now the coverage level can be visualised on the world map and countries with higher coverage are displayed darker. You can switch between world map and table view and we also added some additional filter options.

Last but not least, we introduced a new Service coverage report that displays the service coverage level for a country with a customisable colour coding.

Roamsys customers can find the complete release notes in the Launchpad.

In case you have further questions or need advice on how to set up the new features, please feel free to get in touch!

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