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Documents lets you store all roaming partner documents in a central repository and even fetches updates to IOT, Op Data and IR.21 from GSMA InfoCentre automatically. Relevant information can be shared with your roaming team easily and automated notifications inform users about new documents received. Plus: missing or outdated contractual documents are quickly identified.

Whether you are a small operator in need of organizing document handling more efficiently or a large operator group looking for more transparency in exchanging information and roaming agreement documents – Documents will help you reach your goal.

Management summary

  • Documents helps to streamline and automate your roaming document handling
  • It lets you focus on more important tasks


All your partner documents in one place

  • Store and retrieve any partner document in seconds
  • Identify partners that have not sent updates for a while
  • Receive notifications about new partner documents and never miss a document

  • Control access through individual permissions
  • Easily access the latest version of a specific document type across all your partners

Receive partner documents the moment they are published on GSMA InfoCentre

  • Stay up-to-date with roaming partners that use GSMA InfoCentre for file distribution (IOT, Op Data and IR.21)
  • Manually upload partner documents you receive from your partners via email

  • No need to log into GSMA InfoCentre

Stay in the loop with personalized email notifications

  • Receive notifications about new partner documents and never miss a document
  • Share relevant documents with your roaming teams
  • View which documents have been uploaded recently by looking at the activity stream


  • Receive new IR.21, IOT and Op Data documents from GSMA InfoCentre the moment they are distributed
  • Accept or reject partner documents directly in Documents without logging into GSMA InfoCentre
  • Upload and store RAEX documents, Adobe PDF as well as Excel and Word files
  • Upload any document type you need, e.g. IOT, Op Data, IR.21, IR.85 or CLL
  • Quick access to the latest document of each roaming partner
  • Group roaming partners in any way that suits your needs
  • Stay up-to-date on current activities with a clearly arranged dashboard
  • Receive email notifications about new partner documents
  • Control access to the application with a granular permission system
  • Support for roaming operator groups
  • Upload documents for a single organization or multiple members of a group in one go

  • Easily see which documents are missing for a specific group member

  • Access the latest document of a roaming partner, no matter which member has uploaded it

The most advanced platform to simplify roaming partner management. Learn more about our roaming collaboration tools and take a closer look at the other Xceed applications.

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