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IREG Toolbox strengthens your core network to combat fraud, secures roaming revenues, saves costs and further enhances the roaming experience of your customers. Even with connections to hundreds of roaming partners, network node updates, maintenance and troubleshooting can be done in a fraction of the time and with much better quality.

IREG Toolbox further improves your existing workflow from receiving and verifying partner IR.21 and IR.85 documents to the automatic creation of configuration files. It enables you to run regular audits and health checks and is the perfect solution for any mobile network operator, small or large. Enjoy full automation for your roaming partner document handling.

Customer quotes

“We like the IREG Toolbox. We no longer need to check the partner documents on updates and it has massively improved our IR.21 process. Any section of the IR.21 can be extracted in bulk and our engineers have therefore seen significant time savings in their processing work. This way manual and error-prone entries belong to the past. This tool was particularly helpful during the complete network audit we recently conducted in order to identify data discrepancies.”

Sarmilan Sivapragasam, Jersey Telecom

Management summary

  • Increase roaming revenues by enabling on-time network node configurations with the best possible quality
  • Increase quality of service for roamers and reduce the time needed for network node configurations significantly
  • Resolve configuration problems in your mobile network by using intelligent analysis and search tools


Handle IR.21 and IR.85 partner data with ease

  • Process IR.21 and IR.85 documents from all your roaming partners
  • Receive new documents from GSMA InfoCentre or Roamsys data capturing service
  • All configuration relevant changes are displayed in an understandable way

  • Handle IR.85 documents and data for partners that are connected to you via hub
  • Set up sophisticated workflows to automate data handling based on your roaming footprint
  • Automatically transfer data via API to update external systems
  • Assign tasks to single users or teams manually or set up automation rules to do that for you

Update your core network effortlessly and with better quality

  • Generate configuration files for all important network nodes
  • Download generic configuration files in CSV or Excel format
  • Download vendor-specific configuration files in any text-based format
  • Download change extracts that contain unprocessed changes across all partners

Streamline network node configuration audits

  • Easily run regular roaming configuration audits in your network
  • Review audit results in a clearly arranged report and check past audits for comparison
  • Extract audit result information to eliminate configuration errors
  • Run partial or full health checks on all partner data and download validation reports

IREG Toolbox

is available in three different bundles. Check the table below to find out which feature is included in which package.

Feature Starter Plus Pro

GSMA InfoCentre² collector

New IR.21 and IR.85 partner documents are automatically fetched from GSMA InfoCentre² and transferred to IREG Toolbox.

IR.21 and IR.85 change extracts

IREG Toolbox detects all data changes in IR.21 and IR.85 documents. Export the changes for all partners or only the ones you are interested in.

Database extracts

Easily filter and export partner data, e.g. backbone IP addresses or GT number ranges across all partners.

Powerful search engine

Stop searching. Find. Whatever information you need, you will find it with only a few clicks by using the powerful search engine of IREG Toolbox.

Change notifications

Never miss out on relevant partner data changes. To keep you updated, IREG Toolbox can send you daily summaries via email.


Our tools are easy to use, but to get you started even faster we offer initial trainings to enable you to unfold the full potential of IREG Toolbox.

Non-RAEX data capturing

We convert non-RAEX files (PDF, Excel and Word documents) into machine-readable RAEX IR.21 and IR.85 documents and upload them to your IREG Toolbox so you don’t have to worry about roaming partners who haven’t adopted the RAEX format.

Workflow automation

IREG Toolbox can automate most of your IR.21 and IR.85 data handling. A powerful rule-based engine will process data based on your individual needs.

Network configuration files

The application will automatically create network configuration files you can use to update your core network elements like switches, firewalls, monitoring and billing systems. Of course, your engineers can still check the data before it goes to your network.

Network node audits

IREG Toolbox makes it easy to run regular audits of your current network configuration to make sure you have the correct data configured in your systems.

3rd party API

IREG Toolbox can connect to several 3rd party systems via API. This way you can automatically provide other systems with the most current IR.21 and IR.85 data.

The impact of IREG Toolbox | How we simplify roaming


Sarmilan Sivapragasam, Roaming Engineer at JT stated:

“Roamsys IR.21 solution has significantly improved the efficiency of our process. We no longer need to check partner documents on updates and any section of the IR.21 can be extracted in bulk. Manual entries belong to the past.”

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