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Track and monitor roaming connections to all international roaming partners with ease. Networks supports all services, different service opening stages and also helps to identify coverage gaps.

Easy-to-use filters allow you to get the information needed quickly, for example the footprint for a specific service or country. You can view personalized coverage maps to get an overview of your global agreements and enjoy full transparency over all roaming services including easy information sharing within the roaming team or your management.

Management summary

  • One secure repository with up-to-date roaming footprint information which anyone in your organization can query easily
  • Make well informed decisions and optimize your roaming footprint efficiently


All roaming agreements in one place

  • Keep the details of all roaming connections in a secure and central repository
  • Use tags to individually group roaming partners, e.g. geographically, by staff responsible or by importance
  • Connect with Roamsys IREG Toolbox to automate your IR.21 and IR.85 data management based on your live roaming agreements

Visualize your roaming footprint and identify gaps

  • View your roaming agreements on a world map
  • Identify roaming footprint gaps and display the increase of your connections over time

  • Automatically receive customized email reports including clearly arranged charts and diagrams every week or month

Report, filter and extract footprint data

  • Extract your roaming footprint for management reporting or keeping client services up-to-date
  • Report across your partners or filter down to a certain geographic area, preferred roaming partners or all partners connected via roaming hub

  • Keep connected applications synchronized automatically


  • Manage information about your roaming footprint and share them with your team
  • Export footprint information as CSV or Excel files
  • Visualize your roaming footprint on a world map
  • Add hub information and manage your connections via roaming hubs
  • Customize each overview exactly how you like it
  • Group your roaming partners in any way that suits your needs
  • Restrict access to the application with a granular permission system
  • Support for roaming operator groups

The most advanced platform to simplify roaming partner management. Learn more about our roaming collaboration tools and take a closer look at the other Xceed applications.

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