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In situations where roaming subscribers experience service issues in a visited network they will switch to the competition, leading to lost revenues.
The easiest way to maximize roaming revenues is to make sure that you have configured up-to-date IR.21/IR.85 data for all your roaming partners. In addition, this also strengthens your core network to combat fraud.

Roamsys’ new Roaming Configuration Audit service provides an up-to-date, high quality and high accuracy audit service to all mobile operators to identify data discrepancies in roaming configurations.

Management summary

  • Increase roaming revenues and prevent potential fraud incidents by using the Roaming Configuration Audit service with the best possible quality

  • We review your roaming configurations to assure that your core network is up-to-date and has been configured correctly

  • No complex agreements or time consuming implementations are needed, you only pay for what you need

Why are audits necessary

  • Missing and erroneous configurations can lead to unavailable services for potential customers, once a misconfiguration happens it could stay hidden for years

  • Forgotten or unwanted configurations for non-partners can lead to revenue leakages and potential fraud incidents

  • Every mistake in IP network configurations impacts your data roaming services, both for inbound and outbound roamers

  • Therefore, you should verify that your roaming footprint is reflected in your network configurations

  • In addition, you should make sure that all IR.21/IR.85 updates from your roaming partners get configured correctly on your core network

Improve quality of service for roaming

  • Our experienced roaming specialists will collaborate with your engineers to streamline your roaming services

  • We identify configuration problems in your core network and assist you in making the necessary corrections

  • During the audit period, you will get full access to our sophisticated web-based software solution IREG Toolbox Pro which helps you to further analyze IR.21/IR.85 data and allows you to easily generate configuration files.

How does the audit service work?

  • You send us your roaming footprint as well as configuration data from the core network elements that require audit (e.g. IMSI-GT, GT, MGT, IP range and DNS IP configurations)

  • We compare the configuration data against what is defined in the latest IR.21 and IR.85 documents of your roaming partners

  • You receive a detailed audit report listing all issues that have been found as well as recommendations for improvements and – if needed – configuration files to resolve the problems


  • We can audit IMSI-GT, GT, MGT, IP range and DNS IP configurations
  • Tailored audit templates support your needed footprint options for voice, CAMEL and data service audits

  • In our IR.21/IR.85 database, we have the latest data available, both for RAEX compliant and for non RAEX compliant operators