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We are Roamsys, we simplify roaming.

That is the short version, here comes the long story behind it:


Our company history begins in the early 2000s. Back in the days, roaming partner data handling was incredibly cumbersome and error-prone. Due to the manual handling of roaming data, life was tough for core network engineers. Our Roamsys roaming experts did experience that, as they were either directly working at mobile network operators or other vendors.


When first efforts towards standardization started, they got right in and took part in several GSMA working groups that shaped new document standards. Soon, they learned that standardization was a good first approach to tackle the numerous issues, but should by far not be the last one. They were on a mission now. On a mission to simplify roaming.


In order to build the tools that were so desperately needed by the industry, they paired with some pretty talented software developers in Trier, Germany in 2007 and thereby became the founding fathers of Roamsys. In 2013, we relocated to Mertert, Luxembourg and work there happily ever since.

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The first tool we built was a simple editor for the then new RAEX AA.14 format, called easyRAEX. In 2008, we expanded our efforts and updated easyRAEX to become our very first roaming management system. As Roamsys gained clients all over the world pretty fast, the GSMA approached us, too. In the following years, we did several projects for the GSMA, including a brand-new custom application to create and distribute RAEX IOT and Op Data documents. We have stayed the GSMA’s preferred supplier for software solutions ever since. The last project we successfully managed was an extensive RAEX Tools upgrade available to all GSMA members for free via the InfoCentre in 2018.


A special year in the history of the company was 2014. Not only did we receive our very first industry award as “RMS supplier of the year“, but also hosted the BARG #83 event, which can be considered as the WAS predecessor. We were able to gain Xavier Bettel as a keynote speaker, who was the Luxemburgish prime minister at the time and we introduced our now famous IREG Toolbox.


When IREG Toolbox Pro was released in 2016, we revolutionized the industry once again, as it was the first tool that actually offers IR.21 and IR.85 data handling automation. Until today, there is no other application that can automate almost the whole process of network node configuration. That is why our customers do not only appreciate our software solutions, but seek our advice and consultation on complex issues.


Our mission, today, is still far from being complete. There are way more roaming related tasks that need to be simplified. In 2019, our applications will receive a big usability update, even more automation and improved collaboration features.


It has been an incredible journey so far and we are looking forward to the next big steps in our mission to simplify roaming. Stay tuned!